Eric Coates, a composer who lived from 1886-1957, is usually characterized as “a composer of light English music.” Is that correct? Is that fair to him?

We are not so sure. We think we would replace the adjective “light” with “happy,” “nostalgic” and “charming.” But to help you make up our own mind, we would like to offer you an opportunity to listen to the three movements of his Springtime Suite on Classical Archives, in a performance by Andrew Penny conducting the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.  These three movements are “Fresh Morning, Pastorale,” “Noonday Song, Romance” and “Dance in the Twilight, Valse.”  

Whatever adjective you choose to apply to this music, we think you will agree that it serves as a genuine mood-booster at the very time when all of us need just that.

If you are a member of Classical Archives, we invite you to CLICK HERE to enjoy these charming English interludes.