Alberto Giurioli is a young Italian composer who has just released a new album called “Life” on the Platoon label. Although this release is not yet available for you to listen to in the Classical Archives library, we decided to let you know about it here on the Classical Archives blog. Why? Because we like “Life” very much, and we have been letting it enhance our days of work. We think you will like it too.

The music of “Life” is a slightly reminiscent of the music by the ultra-popular Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. One difference is that the compositions included in “Life” are anchored in 10 actual experiences from life of the young composer Alberto Giulioli. When he feels raindrops in the night, we are there alongside him to share the experience. And when we arrive at the tenth and final experience, we share in his sense of emotional settling and release.

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According to Alberto’s statement, “Life” is a collection of moments that have composed his journey as a human being, defining his existence up to the present. Landing in London on a rainy evening . . . finding friendships in street pianos and late nights . . . maturing and realizing the passage of time . . . completing the album’s final piece . . . all these moments and more are shared on “Life.”

“Life is a personal record of evolution, both in sound and sentiment,” Alberto writes.

The 10 Experiences Reflected in “Life”

The 10 tracks on “Life” offer Alberto’s musical reflections of 10 different life experiences . . .

  • Gocce di note (“drops in the night”)
  • London
  • Rising Above
  • 4:00 AM
  • Life
  • Marie
  • Ascending
  • Il tempo delle cose (“the time of things”)
  • Hope
  • Luglio (“July”)

Alberto Giurioli’s Story

Raised in a small Italian town near Venice, pianist-composer Alberto Giurioli (born 1991) started playing the piano at age four. He was influenced by many genres, from metal to blues, and performed with different bands while growing up. After finishing his studies at the conservatory of music “Francesco Venezze” and earning his degree in international economics, Alberto decided to leave his home and head to London in 2015.

The beginning of his new life there was complicated. He found himself in a new city without knowing the language well, and lived in a shared flat, which made it impossible for him to own a piano. The only way for him to practice was to perform on the street pianos in St. Pancras Station. In time, playing them led him to gain attention through a Facebook viral video taken by a Huffington Post journalist.

Ever since, his songs have been streamed over 8 million times on Spotify, with the song “Tutto e Bellissimo” reaching #1 on the iTunes Classical Chart. His music has been featured in advertisements for brands such as Porsche and BT Sports Champion League and has been played on Scala Radio, ABC (Australia) and Classic FM (UK) and other stations.

Alberto was inducted into the Classic FM Hall of Fame, making him the youngest composer ever to receive that honor. While preparing his album “Life,” Alberto has been working on a new independent film in India.

Queremos! Alberto Giurioli

Alberto Giurioli