There are certain pieces of music that cause people to stop whatever they are doing and ask anyone who will listen, “That is so unbelievably beautiful . . . what is that piece of music?”

One such piece is an excerpt from the music that the Italian composer Ennio Moriccone composed for the film Cinema Paradiso. This piece of music is usually called “The Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso,” and that makes sense. It is so beautiful that while you’re listening to it, you are bound to fall in love with someone (anyone?) or relive the memory of a time when you did.

For your listening, we have created a playlist for you that contains 17 tracks of film music by Moriccone, who died this week in Rome at age 91. If you are a member of Classical Archives, CLICK HERE to enjoy it all. You will hear tracks from films that include: Cinema Paradiso; Bugsy; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (which has been called the most influential film score ever written); Once Upon a Time in the West; The Mission; and more. All performances are from the CD Ennio Moriccone at Santa Cecilia, and all feature the Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia.

Moriccone composed music for more than 400 films and won countless awards and award nominations. He left such a legacy. Our sampling will give you a memorable – and lovely – taste of this wonderful master’s work.