Are you a member of the Democratic or Republican Party? Do you love your fellow liberals or conservatives, but dislike people on the other side?

If so, why not set those feelings aside over this Independence Day weekend? Can’t we all just get along?

Classical Archives has the perfect music to support your newfound bonhomie, in the form of these two CDs from the American Patriotic Classics label:

Music for Democrats

Music for Republicans

If you are a member of Classical Archives, just click on the album names above and you can listen to these fun recordings. They offer excellent performances from The United States Navy Band and other ensembles that really know how to play this kind of music. When you explore these two CDs, you will make some remarkable discoveries. Did you know, for example, that both Democrats and Republicans like marches by John Philip Sousa? Did you know that Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is My Land” makes for good listening for members of either party?

Hey, maybe we are not all as different or divided as we imagined.

Happy Fourth of July to all!